Fred’s Position on American Issues

We must restore America to the Nation of Exceptional Opportunity envisioned by our Founders and outlined in the “Rule of Law” in our Constitution. We must stop stealing the dreams of our children and grandchildren by continuing down the Obama path of change away from our heritage leading toward becoming a Nation of Unlimited Government Entitlements based upon the “Rule of Man.” I hope you will join me and together we will Stand Up For America!

Protecting our Conservative Values:

I am honored to have received a score of “100” from the Florida Right to Life PAC. I am 100% Pro-Life! The reality is that there is no “choice.” It is either life or death to the child.

As a “Life Member” of the NRA, I was honored to receive an “A” from the NRA. It is not “just” about our Constitutional right to bear arms. It is about the liberty that goes with the protection of that right. Other candidates can claim to be supportive of the 2nd Amendment, but the advantage of a voting record is you can be sure where the candidate with a record stands.

Marriage is a sacrament. It is between a man and a woman and I will fight to 
protect the Defense of Marriage Act. Concurrently, I will also support the right of two males or two females in a committed relationship to receive government benefits via a “civil union” but I do not call that a “marriage.”

Protecting our National Security and Honoring our Veterans:

As a former Air Force Captain and a member of the American Legion and “Life Member” of the Military Officers Association of America, I understand the sacrifice that men and women make when they choose to serve our country in the military. That is a sacred trust that we must always honor.

Congress must:

1. Properly fund our military so that it will remain the most powerful and elite force in the world in order to preserve peace through strength.

2. Fully fund the Veterans Administration and provide the healthcare promised by voucher so veterans can choose.

3. Ensure that combat troops have the necessary resources including mental health screening and treatment.

4. Support Israel’s right to defend its citizens from terrorists and hostile nations.

5. Not subject America’s sovereignty to international institutions.

6. Eliminate foreign aid to nations that don’t support freedom and allow those we help to pay us back.

Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy:

I support initiatives to stimulate the creation of living wage jobs including increased investment in career educational opportunities, reduced development and government regulations and targeted tax rebates for expansion of existing businesses and other incentives with claw/pay back requirements if job creation projections aren’t met.

I did not sign on to the $250 million Enterprise Florida incentive package because I do not like the concept that we pick winners and losers and then offer incentives to out of state companies to come to Florida and compete with companies that are already here. We need to do whatever is necessary to create a climate in which our existing companies can grow, and new ones will flock here with no incentives.

As a small-business owner, I understand what it takes for businesses to thrive and create jobs. We must create a business climate in which employers have the confidence to expand and grow. This involves:

1. creating a level playing field,

2. elimination of the axis of unemployment:

Excess Taxation – Enact tax reform that instills equity without creating winners and losers while treating all income fairly.

Excess Regulation – Repeal anti-business legislation while maintaining necessary regulatory protections.

Excess Litigation – Enact tort reforms that allow businesses to be job creators, not targets for frivolous lawsuits.

3. preserving our environment,

4. becoming energy independent,

5. maintaining our infrastructure and

6. providing world class education so our workforce is second to none.

States Rights:

I believe strongly that Congress must reassert adherence to the 10th Amendment to the Constitution and I will lead the fight to stand up for “states’ rights” just like I stood up for “home rule” in the Florida House. It is important for all to remember that the sovereign states yielded only certain powers to the federal government thus forming the United States of America. The states kept the powers not enumerated in the delineation of powers yielded to the federal government for the states. As a former Mayor, I understand that the government closest to the people governs best. As a freshman state legislator, I was awarded the “Defender of Home Rule” award by the Florida League of Cities, one of only 3 out of 120 legislators to receive the award.

We should cut and/or eliminate the following and return these functions to the states:

1. Department of Education

2. Department of Energy

3. Department of Interior

4. Department of Labor

5. Housing and Urban Development

6. Environmental Protection Agency

This will also help reduce the federal annual budget deficit.

Intergovernmental Relations:

I support transparency and increased accountability at all levels of government, specifically to include elimination of unfunded mandates and cost shifts from one government to another. I support regional efforts to consolidate and increase the efficiency of public safety services and to coordinate transportation, water quality and quantity concerns and economic development initiatives. We need to partner with multiple jurisdictions to share seldom-used assets while holding to the foundational principle that the best government is the least government closest to the people. And we need to bid out services to evaluate outsourcing to the private sector every ten years or more frequently if the benefits are apparent. The federal government must get out of local and state issues and use block grants if the federal government is sending funding to local and state governments.

Spending and Debt:

President Obama led us down a path that is simply unsustainable. Our national debt has doubled under President Obama. America has incurred the same amount of debt during President Obama’s eight years as we did under all former Presidents combined. As a Mayor and State Legislator, I’ve made the tough decisions that prioritized spending and balanced budgets. I have not talked the talk as all Republican candidates are likely to do in this election, but I have walked the walk. In 2011 and 2012, I supported cutting $6 billion out of Florida’s budget … and had protests in front of my dental office because of that tough position. Florida has shown fiscal restraint and is now reaping the rewards of that painful but necessary action. And now it’s time for Washington to exercise the same responsibility.

The debt can best be described as a part of WWIII, which I believe is composed of both Terrorism and Debt. Yes, America is at war. We are at war with people who want to kill us because we are free and at war with others who want to bury us in debt so they can change our way of life.

Congress must:

1. Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment that includes a line item veto.

2. Cut the annual budget deficit by at least $100 Billion each year until we have a balanced budget.

3. Institute the “Penny Plan” such that every department must cut their budget 1% each year until we have a balanced budget.

4. Pass “No Budget / No Pay” legislation. If Congress doesn’t do their work and 
pass a budget, they shouldn’t get paid. And each Member of Congress and US Senator should have their pay cut by the percentage amount of the annual federal budget deficit if they vote for a budget including a deficit that is not at least $100 Billion less than the previous year’s budget deficit.

5. We must ban all federal earmarks.

6. Prohibit new programs and/or new spending until the annual deficit is eliminated.

7. Audit the Federal Reserve Bank.

The federal debt was about $8 trillion in the mid-2000s. The Great Recession of 2007-09 and associated bailouts along with programs apparently designed to keep recipients on welfare and buy votes helped double the debt in ten years to over $19 trillion in 2016. Viewed as a percentage of GDP, the federal debt increased from 32% of GDP in 1981 to 66% of GDP in 1995 to 97% of GDP in 2011.

These charts scare me. How about you?

Tax Reform:

We must enact equitable tax reform without increasing taxes. While I support Revenue Neutral Tax Reform to replace the State school property tax with sales tax and the FAIR Tax at the federal level, I am open to other approaches that enact long-overdue tax reform. We must:

1. Stimulate investment, business expansion, and job creation, by offering a tax- free holiday on the repatriation of foreign profits.

2. Keep business taxes competitive with other countries by lowering the US corporate tax rate from the highest in the world, 35%, to 20% and evaluate elimination of specific exemptions to eliminate the creation of winners and losers via our tax code.

3. Permanently eliminate the Death Tax.

Health Care Reform begins by Repealing ObamaCare:

ObamaCare is unconstitutional. It must be repealed. I support enhanced access to healthcare for Florida students through age 18 and voted for that in the Florida House. I support government facilitating and incentivizing utilization of volunteer healthcare professionals (including authorization of Sovereign Immunity) in public and private practice settings and in County Health Department and 501c3 healthcare clinics. I support Florida accepting Medicaid funds in a “block grant” type of program allowing Florida to fully direct how the funds are used to benefit Floridians most in need of health care.

As a dentist and healthcare professional, I know that healthcare works best when decisions are between the doctor and patient, not the patient and the Federal Government. That’s why I co-sponsored a resolution in the State Legislature calling for an end to ObamaCare. We must continue our efforts to repeal and replace this unconstitutional takeover of the healthcare system in this country. And we must remove all federal restrictions on how Medicaid dollars are spent by the states.

I was proud to file a bill clarifying that Direct Primary Care is not insurance and is not subject to insurance regulations. It passed the Florida House but not the Florida Senate. DPC has the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery. When I get to Washington, I look forward to continuing to work on this common sense healthcare delivery model that eliminates the middleman/insurance company and allows an enhanced doctor-patient relationship leading to superior health outcomes at reduced cost.

Protecting Social Security & Medicare:

These programs are a sacred trust for seniors. We must make sure that there are no changes for seniors and anyone close to retirement. Moving forward we must enact sustainable reforms to Social Security and Medicare for all citizens who are under 40. It is important to note that Social Security was to be received at 65 years of age when the average longevity was 62 years … in other words, if you planned appropriately but lived longer than you were expected to live, you would receive Social Security. We now have a life expectancy of over 10 years past when we are eligible to receive Social Security.

“Common Core,” Educational Reform and Education Funding:

Many have asked about my position regarding “Common Core.” I’m against it. NO federal involvement in education!

A little historical perspective: in a previous campaign, I called for total elimination of the federal Department of Education, along with the elimination of five other federal departments or agencies. There is no support in our US Constitution for federal involvement in education. None. Thus, long before the concerns about the “Common Core” surfaced, I have been on record opposing any federal involvement in education.

So yes, I oppose “Common Core. Because I oppose federally determined standards or federal curriculum or federally designed testing. I have always been totally opposed to it!

I do support elevated state standards and performance measurement/testing, the results of which the states may or may not choose to share with each other … with no federal involvement. Note that I did not mention shared curriculum. Curriculum development and selection should obviously not be a federal function (since there should be no federal involvement in education) and curriculum development and selection should not be a state function either. Curriculum development and selection should only be a function of the locally elected school boards. If our local elected school boards do not select curricula that teach the historical perspective of American Exceptionalism including the concepts of equal opportunity rather than equal outcomes or allow sanitized/slanted history or teach theory as fact or … it is up to the local voters to vote for new school board members. In other words, the states must decide the standards and the local school boards determine the curricula for the various subjects.

Why have any standards or performance measurement/testing? I’ve been taught that we must “inspect what we expect.” We must evaluate our results, or we have no way of knowing if we have accomplished our objectives or need a course correction. If we want Florida students to be prepared to succeed in life, we must assure that Florida education standards are the highest and we must measure and compare how well our students are prepared to enter and compete in the global arena for advanced education and/or career progression based upon measurable education outcomes.

I support parent directed education reform including school choice (public, charter, private, parochial, religious, digital and/or home schools) with the education funding (whether called a voucher or scholarship)  following the student. All students in all schools receiving any State funding should be required to take the same performance measurement assessment tests so parents can evaluate the schools to which they choose to send their students. Public or private schools focused on vocational training will possibly have lower test scores but higher student satisfaction if the students are in a program leading to their personal pathway to success. And a public charter or private school focused on the arts or on preparation for a unique career path will likely not score as high in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) areas as schools focused on college preparation, but the parents should have that information.

The State must not continue to claim they are increasing education funding by mandating increases in local school property taxes! I filed a bill in the Florida Legislature to require the State to publish the tax increase based upon the increase in revenue generated by the RLE school property tax. The bill did not get heard in committee. No surprise! But I was able to convince the Legislature that we should not raise the RLE school property tax by $428 million!

Article IX, Section 1, Florida Constitution: Section 1. Public Education. “The education of children is a fundamental value of the people of the State of Florida. It is, therefore, a paramount duty of the state to make adequate provision for the education of all children residing within its borders. Adequate provision shall be made by law for a uniform, efficient, safe, secure, and high-quality system of free public schools that allows students to obtain a high-quality education.”

I support equal per pupil funding for all Florida students coupled with reducing (and hopefully eliminating!) the State Required Local Effort school property tax burden mandated by the State Legislature and replacing the funding from General Revenue derived from a sales tax. Along with the State funding education, as per Florida’s Constitution, I support authorizing local elected school boards to hold a local referendum on local-option voter-approved revenue enhancements for education. I hope you noticed I used “local” three times. I am of the opinion that determining if there is a desire for increased education funding beyond the State per pupil funding should be decided by local voters.


America is a nation of LEGAL immigrants. In order for the American dream to continue to be an option for people who want to immigrate legally to this country, we must stop the flow of illegal immigrants.

1. Build the wall and secure the borders!

2. No Amnesty/Pathway to “Citizenship” for illegal aliens who broke our laws and illegally came to our country as adults

3. Because the Judeo-Christian values upon which our country was founded do not ascribe the sins of the parents to the children, I support an earned pathway to “legal residence” including in-state tuition for illegal immigrants who were brought to our country as minors, but not “citizenship” which would include the opportunity to vote and be eligible for government benefits. But to be clear, I do not support granting chain migration benefits to those who brought them.


America has tremendous national resources and an abundant supply of energy. However, an extreme, left-wing, environmental agenda of cap and trade and red-tape has allowed our country to become dependent on foreign sources of oil and gas.
This must stop. America should not have to rely on our enemies for our energy needs; we must achieve energy independence.

1. Build the Keystone Pipeline today! It will expand our energy supply and allow us to trade more easily with our ally Canada for oil, and it will create thousands of jobs.

2. We must increase domestic oil, natural gas and coal production including on government owned lands. But no fracking until IF and when a geologic and hydrologic study shows it is safe.

3. Expand refining capacity.

4. We must streamline nuclear energy permitting to expedite the process and get 
nuclear power plants online faster.

5. We must remove regulation and offer incentives to allow companies with bold ideas and proven technology to lead us to the future with increased efficiencies using existing energy sources and/or renewable energy technologies.

6. But we must do it without harming our environment. That is why I voted for a bill to enact a ban on issuing new fracking permits in Florida until if and when a study shows it to be safe. I fully believe the study will show that the geology and hydrology of Florida will not allow fracking to be safe, other than possibly in NW Florida.

Reforming Congress:

Congress must be held to the highest of standards. Members of Congress should receive no special treatment and be fully accountable to the American people.

1. Enact term limits of no longer than 12 years at the state level (including both House and Senate) and no longer than 12 years at the federal level (including both House and Senate). I have stated I will serve no longer than 8 years.

2. Pass a “No Budget-No Pay” bill requiring that if Congress does not 
annually vote on a budget, they don’t get paid. And reduce the pay of Members of Congress by the same percentage of the federal deficit if the federal 
budget deficit is not reduced by at least $100 billion compared with the prior year.

3. End Congressional pensions. Being a member of Congress is a privilege, 
not an opportunity to create a windfall at taxpayer expense. And by the way, I support the elimination of pensions for all elected public officials. There should be no pension planning for elected officials.

4. End the pathway through Congress to a high dollar career in lobbying by passing legislation that eliminates any possibility for any former elected official to ever accept any payment to lobby Congress (or any level of government for that matter) or accept payment to represent a private party before any government agency after serving as an elected public official. We must stop the pathway from public service to personal gain and begin the process of regaining the trust of all Americans!

5. Require all legislation passed by Congress to include all Members of Congress in all legislation passed with no exceptions.