Notes on Homeland Security During a Time of Radical Islamic Jihad Against American Values


June 20, 2016

I sent the following to the Team Costello Military, Veterans and National Security Advisory Team and to other local experts who are not part of my campaign team in response to the mass murders by a radical Islamic Jihadist terrorist Sunday June 12:

The evil mass murders earlier today continue to anger me and likely all Americans.
Although we have many different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs, Americans share a common bond desire to live harmoniously and freely with equal opportunity for all men and women that is a shining light to the world. And we all want to feel safe and secure.

I had planned to reach out to you, Team Costello Military, Veterans and National Security Advisory Team, later for your thoughts on how we can best support our military, honor our veterans, reform immigration, secure our borders and fight terrorism both here and abroad … but today’s mass murders have caused me to adjust my schedule. While I have solid core values in this arena, I want to make sure my specific positions and recommendations are based on sound foundations so I look forward to your input.”

The following (who are not all members of Team Costello) were in attendance:

Ambassador Stan Escudero (Ret)

Rear Admiral Bill Masters, USN (Ret)

Captain Dave Sullivan, USN (Ret)

Colonel Skip Keating, USA (Ret)

Mike McElroy, Westchester County, NY Law Enforcement (Ret)

Captain Mark Leary, USN (Ret)

LTC Garret Messner, USA (Ret); ERAU Professor

The general consensus of experts at this meeting included:

  • Radical Islam is at war with America and the West whether we accept it or not.
  • Our current response to this stark reality is crippled by political correctness and willful
    which amounts to mutually assured suicide.
  • The slaughter in Orlando won’t be the last because President Obama has not demonstrated
    the resolve to act by confronting the real threat before us.

Ambassador Escudero started us off and shared the following comments:

Chapter 11 of the Koran contains the admonition for all devout Muslims to undertake Jihad to convert all non-believers (infidels) or to kill them.  Many Muslims do not follow this path.  Nonetheless, it remains a basic tenet of the Islamic faith. There is no call for tolerance or peaceful co-existence with non-believers elsewhere in the Koran.

There are some historical exemptions wherein Muslim Caliphs allowed Christians & Jews to live
within a Caliphate as long as they paid a tax or tribute (dhimmitude) and avoided marrying Muslim women.  But once Christianity and Judaism rose to compete with Islam, they would be met with brutal violence from the Muslim world.

In our time it seems Radical Muslims are driving the political dynamic around the world:

  • They see the West as weaker than the Islamic world.
  • They see us as lacking the will for a long and costly unconventional armed struggle with their competing views.
  • They see America and the West in general as lacking religious and moral beliefs required to
    prevail in a global war.
  • They have seized the initiative and our lack of a response that will crush Islamic State/ISIS is SUICIDAL FOR US!



Political correctness is the invention of the far Left and an unconstitutional infringement on our
1st Amendment right to free speech.


Ambassador Escudero said:
“The U.S. Constitution does NOT REQUIRE the USA to commit SUICIDE!”

After Japan pulled the US into WWII with the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt ordered the internment of Japanese Americans as a matter of national security.  It is fair to note that NO terrorist attack of ANY kind happened on the U.S. Homeland after Pearl Harbor.

During the Cold War, the U.S. routinely rounded up suspected Soviet spies, and some were executed. Jihadist Muslims are no less our blood enemies today.

The State of Israel keeps close tabs on all Muslims in their country.  We must do the same.

Mosques are a potential breeding ground for terrorism.  We need to follow what they’re doing and
understand what they do. We should welcome and encourage Muslims who reject Sharia Law and accept our American system of law and justice.

We need to:

  • Accept that we need tougher border and immigration enforcement
  • Build a border wall … IT WILL WORK!
  • Pause immigration into US for MOST Muslims until we get a better handle on the Jihadi threat.
  • Remember that immigrants have NO right to come here.
    We have a right to protect our borders.
  • Accept that terrorists DO NOT have US rights with the protections offered by American law to American citizens or to those in America legally. Terrorists are ENEMY COMBATANTS. Terrorists are NOT subject to the rules of war. Terrorists are NOT subject to the protections of the Geneva Conventions, as they fall outside the specific conditions which the Conventions state clearly that combatants must meet in order to qualify for those protections.
  • Realize that a decision to become a terrorist and the perpetration of terrorist acts is a conscious choice and it must produce consequences fierce enough to dissuade. Today’s terrorists are similar to the pirates of the 16th and 17th centuries who placed themselves outside the rules of civilization and were consequently treated very harshly.
  • Stop disadvantaging ourselves by according terrorists protections which they do not deserve, which they disdain and which they would never accord to prisoners they take.
  • Realize that the argument that we must “not descend” to their level is fatuous, based on political correctness, and just wrong.
  • Realize that our current course under Obama=More Orlandos

Captain David Sullivan:

  • Police are required to react after the fact
  • We must change the dynamic to anticipate more terrorist threats and act to prevent them.
  • Appropriations won’t change without a real change in leadership.
  • Overall Defense budget must increase, for people, weapons, and support

Rear Admiral Bill Masters:

  • We have the technology to keep tabs on Islamic terrorists
  • We need to take drastic steps to take advantage of our advanced surveillance technology to stay ahead of the threat.
  • There never is enough dollars for defense.

Mike McElroy:

  • NYPD surveillance of mosques was second to none in the world. It was dismantled because of politically correct obsession over “Islamophobia.”
  • End the Orwellian “Newspeak.” Call Radical Jihadist Terrorism what it is.
  • Admit WE ARE AT WAR!
  • Boost targeted surveillance & intelligence to prevent future terrorist attacks.

LTC Garret Messner:

  • We’re not looking at the right people.
  • They use our laws against us. Terrorist computer servers can be moved from city to city faster than we can get court orders to seize or shut them down.
  • Make sure we are going after the right guys.
  • Make ISIS pay for any terrorist attack with massive retaliation far beyond the scope of each attack.
  • Support our vets (wounded warriors)
  • Support our National Guard units, and give them equipment that makes sense for their regional missions.

Captain Mark Leary:

  • The pendulum has swung too far. Our failure to smart profile (primarily driven, I believe, by political correctness) causes us to cast the intelligence gathering net too wide reducing effectiveness by wasting resources and producing so much data that we do not have sufficient manpower to review it all and connect the dots fast enough to consistently prevent terrorism
  • Sequestration needs to be ended because it perverts the normal budget and appropriations process which should be driven by requirements. In time of war, additional resources are needed for defense. This does not mean that additional resources are necessarily required for domestic programs, unless a corresponding justification can be made for them based on requirements. Within the Department of Defense, people programs (pay, commissary benefits, housing allowances, medical care for active duty and retired) are always raided in lean DoD budget years to fund weapons systems (which are needed). Weapons systems have strong natural support in DoD and on the Hill because of lobbying efforts as well as the benefits of funds and jobs they produce in congressional districts and states. People programs do not have the same inherent support within DoD or on Capitol Hill and therefore we (the active duty and veteran communities) need the support of Congress (especially those who have served in the military) to insure the force is not hollowed (low pay, poor weapons maintenance, poor morale) in pursuit of the best new weapons obtainable.

Skip Keating:

We need to do a far better job as a nation taking care of our veterans.  Many have lost life or limb in the cause of liberty. We owe them a debt not fully paid.

We need to:

  • Pay attention to Agent Orange related health issues among Vietnam veterans
  • Add more manpower and additional locations for smaller veterans’ clinics; bigger is not always better when it comes to government. Additional locations of smaller clinics may work better than building another mammoth VA Hospital.
  • Assure adequate, properly maintained and located veterans cemeteries
  • Make flag burning a felony
  • Add more veterans’ nursing homes
  • Lift sequestration freeing up sufficient funds to rebuild our military with state of the art weaponry,
    new equipment and support infrastructure and increased pay and benefits for the troops
  • Have more flexibility to allow vets to seek medical care from private providers outside the VA if needed.
  • Prepare for future war with strong military, more dollars for defense.
  • Take care of our vets




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