Dr. Fred Costello Endorses Presumptive GOP Nominee

Donald J. Trump for President


Dr. Fred Costello, GOP candidate for Congress in Florida District 6, endorsed Donald J. Trump for President, calling for Republican Party UNITY in the upcoming election against Hillary Clinton.


“Donald Trump has tapped a nerve of public outrage in response to a prevailing pattern of arrogance, corruption and failed leadership from the Washington, D.C. Elite,” Dr. Costello said. “Whether or not you approve of Mr. Trump’s style, it is obvious that millions of average Americans are hungering for a leader who will fight on their behalf, ” he added.


Dr. Costello, a practicing dentist in Ormond Beach who serves as a State Representative, has earned a reputation as a citizen legislator willing to stand up to the establishment. Dr. Costello stood up against powerful forces as a legislator and was initially the lone voice opposing a $428 million school property tax increase through a state mandate known as the “Required Local Effort.” He also opposed a proposal to spend $250 million in taxpayer dollars for corporate welfare through Enterprise Florida. Florida Tax Watch commended his leadership and Americans for Prosperity gave Dr. Costello an A+ rating for 2016 and called him a “Champion of Economic Freedom.”


In encouraging others to ignore their differences with Mr. Trump’s style and also endorse him, Dr. Costello said: “It is time we as a Party unite around the people’s chosen nominee and together work to Stop Hillary Clinton. We as Republicans must now stand together as a Party and elect leaders who will join with Mr. Trump and STAND UP FOR AMERICA.”

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