A message from Fred:

America is truly the greatest nation on earth, blessed with resources few have, determination few possess, and people that are the envy of the world.

Here’s the problem.

We are in danger of losing all of that, because our government has lost its way as some elected leaders are more concerned with themselves and their political future than with those of us they purport to represent. As a veteran, family man, career dentist, local business owner for 35 years and experienced local and state public servant in Congressional District 6 for 39 years, my only interest is serving you, my friends and neighbors in Congressional District 6. I know Congressional District 6 issues and needs and am prepared to work with local and state leaders to the benefit of all those who live in our district. I am not running for Congress as a fallback plan or a stepping stone toward higher office and when Congress is not in session, I will spend my time in our district rather than trying to raise my national profile on tv.

I believe we must return to the Judeo-Christian principles that form the bedrock of this nation, backed by an attitude that says we’re not going to take it anymore.

As a husband and father, I learned about the importance of family. As a family dentist and local businessman, I know how frustrating it can be when government regulates and taxes us without purpose.

As a Mayor and Representative, I discovered that empowering others is the key to making everything work.

As an American, I’ve decided to do something about it.

Stand with me, and I will stand up for you.

Every minute of every day.

Stand up, America.


Dr. Fred Costello